Long coated German shepherd dogs and puppies

Long coated German shepherd breeding without kennel,
independent expertises on HD and ED data of our long coated German shepherd dogs

Our breeding dogs have been examined for the genetic defect Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
by means of a blood test. We breed with - A / N: carrier and - N / N: normal.
One or both parents are always N-/N-normal.
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long coated German shepherd male long coated German shepherd puppy
long coated German shepherd female

long haired German shepherd male
"To his dog, every man is Napoleon; hence the constant popularity of dogs." Aldous Huxley

We, Rita and Uwe Heidergott, the specialists for kind and balanced long coated German shepherd dogs, breed these beautiful dogs at the Möhnesee (Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia).

Our dogs are familiar with the term "kennel" only because we have it in our breeder's name. However, they do not live in a kennel but are raised within our family home.

Essentially, we object to keeping dogs in a kennel !!!!!!!!!!!

We see it as our responsibility to breed healthy, intelligent, powerful and beautiful long coated German shepherd dogs.

The dogs we use for breeding are in addition examined for HD (hip dysplasia) and ED (elbow dysplasia) by an independent expert, Dr. Kaspar, Nürnberg (Germany).

When a puppy leaves our house at the age of 8 weeks, it will be chipped, vaccinated and several times dewormed. The new owner will get the following papers: pedigree, EU pet passport and a veterinarian's certificate on the state of health of the puppy. You will get your puppies from our breeding houses chipped according to QC standards ISO 11784 / annexure A to ISO 11785.

Uwe and Rita Heidergott with their long coated German shepherds



pup long coated German shepherd dog

female long haired German shepherd dog
long haired German shepherd dog long coated German shepherd dog